PPV Playbook Forum Review

by Mike on March 23, 2010

In a rapidly evolving industry like pay-per-view marketing, it pays to be part of a group of other like-minded marketers who are in the same boat as you. Having a place to hang out, ask questions, and just learn from some of the best PPV marketers in the business is invaluable. That’s why David Ford’s PPV Playbook Coaching forum has been a huge success in the short time it has been online. At its core are the lessons and case studies provided by David, but its real long term value is the growing and active PPV community that you will want to be a part of and contribute to.

The PPV Playbook forums is a monthly membership that runs $67 a month. If this sounds too much to you, then I don’t think you should be getting into PPV in the first place. You’ll need a decent budget to succeed with PPV so I don’t recommend getting into this if money is tight. So what do you get for your $67 a month? Lets me go over what is included with your PPV Playbook Coaching Forum membership.

Private Members Only Forum – The PPV Playbook Forum is the biggest community dedicated to PPV. Sure, there’s CPVCoach has been around longer, but it is no where near as active. Because of the great word of mouth, the forum is about to pass 700 active members in the next week. That’s quite amazing for such a new forum.

PPV Video Lessons – David does a great job with his video lessons that he posts in the forums. In each video, he shows step-by-step what you need to do to accomplish the goals of each lessons. If you are new to PPV, then this is the place where you should start first. More video PPV lessons are added all the time, but here are some of the ones available currently:

  • Lesson – Master Blaster Technique
  • Lesson – When To Stop a Campaign
  • Lesson – Back To The Basics
  • Lesson – Step by Step Campaign
  • Lesson – Lead Impact
  • Lesson – Adon Network
  • Lesson – Tracking
  • Lesson – Collecting URL’s
  • Lesson – Selecting Offers
  • Lesson – HTML/Basic Landing Page
  • Lesson – Step by Step To a Profitable PPV/Email Campaign
  • Lesson – Xenu Link Sleuth
  • Lesson – Demographics

PPV Case Studies – This is probably my favorite part of the PPV Playbook forums. David himself has put up about five case studies so far. I’m sure that David keeps his very best campaigns to himself, but he does share quite a bit of from these working campaigns. He shows the exact landing pages, targets and most importantly he explains his mindset for each campaign. While most people initially are going to copy these campaigns, I’ve found the thinking behind the campaigns to be much more valuable. By putting my own spin on things, I’ve been able to setup several successful PPV campaigns based on what David has shown.

Not only does David post case studies, but other members on the forum have been posting their own case studies as well. There’s a whole section called ‘Follow Along Campaigns’ where other members post some of the things they are trying. This is super valuable for both the original poster and everyone else as the discussions that come from them are great.

Landing Page Reviews – Another popular part of the PPV Playbook forums are the landing page reviews. Here members post some of the landing pages they’re trying out, and they can get feedback from David and other members as well. If you’re new PPV, this is a great way to get advice on your own landing pages before launching them.

PPV Playbook Forum

David has really done an excellent job with setting up and cultivated the PPV Playbook Forum community. He has seeded it with lots of valuable information like his video lessons, tips and strategies, case studies and landing page reviews. Because of this, the forums is growing at a rapid pace, and I have no reason to think that it will stop. PPV is becoming more and more popular these days and PPV Playbook has become the place to go to learn about PPV. If you have been struggling to find success with PPV, I would definitely suggest giving the PPV Playbook Coaching forum a look.

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